Being a Tourist in my Own Town

by Emaigne Ockhuizen

I had the most exciting day venturing out into the Oranjemund’s natural surroundings. This small town has a lot to offer anyone who enjoys nature and all its elements.

From peaceful walking town tours to dune sundowners, or just inhaling the fresh ocean air or spotting beautiful wild animals walk right by you, all nonchalant, you will feel as close to wildlife in this desert oasis.

Oranjemund is slowing starting to be filled with fun-packed activities. I had the opportunity to take out our brand new E-bikes with a lovely group, and venture off into the outskirts of our beautiful town alongside the Orange river, making our way up to Hohenfels.

Hohenfels is approximately 27 km outside of Oranjemund and definitely worthwhile seeing. The stunning scenery and peaceful tranquillity will capture your soul whilst riding an amazing E-bike. You can stop anywhere at any time to take in the spectacular setting and capture a good selfie.

Hohenfels was established in 1908 and was a base for the local police force. Old tales tell of a time when police officers would climb on their camels and make journeys from South Africa to Lüderitz along the Orange River. Till this day there are remains of these old police buildings.

Today it is used as camping sites and an ideal spot for throwing in your fishing line for a day.

We ended our day off with sundowners on the dunes 5km outside of Oranjemund. Oranjemund is definitely a magical place to watch sunsets. I would absolutely advise you to stop whatever it is you are doing when the sun starts to sink into the sea or slowly melts away behind a dune.

Simply basking in the atmosphere of this town will relax and unwind you.

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