COVID -19 Updates

Oranjemund is open and ready to make your stay very memorable, visit us soon!

As of 1 September, Namibia officially opened to international travellers under the targeted tourism initiative and while initially, strict requirements were set to allow travel, this has since been amended making travel possible and more favourable for tourists to visit. These are the current requirements:

  • All tourists must have a negative Covid-19 test result not older than 72 hours before arriving in Namibia.
  • Tourists will have to complete a questionnaire to be submitted with their full travel itinerary on arrival at the airport.
  • Tourists must have private travel insurance to cover medical care or an unexpected hotel stay.
  • Only NTB (Namibia Tourism Board) registered accommodation will be considered given they have also been certified accordingly and comply with safety guidelines and protocols.
  • On day 5 of the itinerary, all tourists will be tested for Covid-19 in-country. This can be done from wherever they are within Namibia. With a negative test result, to be received by Day 7, tourists will be allowed to continue their travels as planned. This means that there is no longer a “quarantine” period on arrival and no implemented restrictions with regards to the itinerary.

For more information visit Namibia Tourism Board below.