E-bike Adventures

Our E-Bikes experience will provide you with an Eco-friendly alternative for discovering Oranjemunds diverse landscapes from sandy dunes to our beaches and Orange River. Book an E-Bike Adventure with us to support local Eco-tourism.

Oranjemund Town Tour

Unlock the mysteries within this previously isolated town by discovering unique sights and hidden gems, on this locally guided tour

Orange River Mouth

Guided Walks

Between Oranjemund and Alexander Bay lies the Orange River Mouth Wetland covering an area of 500 ha. ` The river sometimes flows directly into the ocean and sometimes, though less often, sandbars block the mouth.

Night Market

The Hub Market was created to provide a community space where people can relax and enjoy each other’s company. It is also a platform to make a significant difference to the livelihood of local vendors, who can sell their food and crafts to locals and visitors alike in a safe and friendly community space. OMD 2030 monthly Night Markets are very popular.

Golf Course

The perfect place for a round of golf, surrounded by wildlife next to the bank of the Orange River

Bird Watching

Birds of the Orange River Ramsar site & surrounding area

Town Pool


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