Oranjemund Town Tour

Build your own personal itinerary. We recommend using a local guide, but an unguided option is also available.

Distance: Approximately 7.5 km (11 km if Step is included)

OMD 2030 – Tourist Information Centre

Step 1: Meet and Greet

Start the tour, or meet your tour guide at the OMD 2030 Hub. Here, you will discover the full extent of the OMD 2030 community vision and learn about exciting current projects and future possibilities for Oranjemund.

Jasper House Museum

Step 2: Jasper House Museum

Jasper House Heritage Centre. The Sperrgebiet has stories embracing over a century. Many different aspects of its history, such as mining, the environment, and society, are showcased in this local museum.

Quest: Take a cool picture with the tank and share it with us!

Step 3: Tank Park

After the Second World War Sherman tanks were modified for loading and hauling and were sold for agricultural and commercial use. In Oranjemund the tanks were used as earthmoving machinery in the mine until new technology was developed.

Nursery & Futree

Step 4: Nursery & Futree

Housed on the site of the first hydroponics plant in the southern hemisphere, the nursery opened with the intent to supply locally produced fresh fruit and vegetables. Futree is a community garden where locals grow fruit and vegetables for their own use.

Quest: Find the old-school red jukebox, in the picture.

Step 5: Sands Hotel

Need an ice-cold beer and some good music after all this walking? Look no further! Sands Hotel was established in the early 1970s. It used to be a place for migrant labourers to socialize after a hard day in the mine.

Mine Checkpoint

Step 6: Mine Checkpoint

Following the discovery of diamonds near Kolmaskop in 1908 an area north of Luderitz to the Orange River mouth along the coast and inland for 137 km was restricted and declared the “Sperrgebiet” or forbidden territory.

Old Power Station

Step 7: Old Power Station

The Power Station is an iconic Oranjemund landmark. Built in 1940, it was once the largest privately-owned diesel generating plant in the world.

Step 8: End of the Tour

Return to OMD 2030 Hub and opt to the end the tour with a picnic lunch, or a sundowner on the dunes overlooking the town and its beautiful surroundings. The tranquility, coupled with a beautiful sunset, makes this an experience to remember.

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