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Take a sneak peek into what the Jasper House Museum has to offer.

Jasper House Museum has collections related to the Migrant Labour System and the history of mining in Oranjemund, art installations, wildlife, geology, archaeology and conservation, everyday life in Oranjemund and the future of the town.


At the entrance of the Museum visitors will find our touch collection. This is an amazing way to make Children feel welcome at the Museum and have that sensation of what it feels like being in a museum.

Museum touch collection

Migrant Labour

In the Migrant labour section we have old black and white photos of the of CDM time how workers use to migrate from other towns to come and work. We have Sylvanus Nekundi’s donation to the museum explaining how he went from being a migrant labourer to a permanent employee of Namdeb and being one of the first to receive a permanent settlement in Oranjemund.

Art Installations

We have art installation painted by Herculus Viljoen in 2021. One is about the Bom Jesus Shipwreck and on the other side is a painting about General mining in the early days.


In this room you will find artifacts that is about the everyday life in Oranjemund back in the days. You will be able to see artifacts that people used in their everyday life.

Mining History

Mining History during CDM time. Equipment that was used in the mining sector can be seen on display in this room.


In this room you will find Animals, Geology, Paleontology and Archaeology of the Tsau //Khaeb National Park. Different fossils, Bushman rock art, crystals, picture of the different animals found in Oranjemund, including videos about the Bom Jesus shipwreck, Seven worlds, one planet: Ghosts of a forgotten town, Natural history slideshow, etc.

Future Room

Last but not least. The Future room is for any event that happens now and in the future. On the wall is aerial view photographs of how Oranjemund looked than and how it looks now. On another section of the wall there are photographs of events happening in town. Picture of indigenous plants found in Oranjemund is also on display.

Gold coin sculpture

Art sculpture

Finally, there is a small section with a Wooden Art sculpture made by Saima Iita. This sculpture was made with tree trunk.

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